Every hotel management company worldwide offers Technical Assistance Services during the construction of a hotel and resort. 

Eclipse Hotels & Resorts decided to go a step further with our Pre-Opening Services, we do not restrict ourselves just to a cooperation with architects and designers, our Pre-Opening assistance and support includes as well any and all services required to get your hotel or resort open correctly and have it operating with the right people, in the right market and with the right tools immediately from the start.

Eclipse Hotels & Resorts will develop the operation team as well as oversee all phases of construction under close supervision

Eclipse Hotels & Resorts will be profit orientated and will plan the operation of the resort in the same way.

Eclipse Hotels & Resorts will develop all necessary plans from your initial business plan, over a public relations plan all the way to the sales and marketing plan that fits your hotel.

Eclipse Hotels & Resorts will setup Standard Operating Procedures for each department and train the staff in them 

All this and more is being included in Eclipse Hotels & Resorts Hotel Pre-Opening Services and of course all technical supervisions and advice as well, to make sure....

...Your hotel opens right and operates at its potential from the first day!

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