You invested in your hotel and in its name and have slowly developed a good reputation, yet still the profits are not as expected and the workload for you is getting more and more?

The solution might be our "MANAGED BY ECLIPSE" program.

Under this program, your hotel's name and branding remain the same, yet Eclipse Hotels & Resorts Management teams are fully committed to provide operational management to hotels and resorts seeking to improve their financial performance, guest satisfaction and revenue streams.

As part of a full operational management, Eclipse Hotels & Resorts will analyze a hotel's market reach and potential, its competitive strengths, weaknesses and opportunities. A full Review report will be provided the owners with operational actions to be taken by the Eclipse Hotels & Resorts management team.

We provide a critical analysis of a hotel's marketing strategy, benchmarking it against industry and competitive practices. We identify the gaps in a hotel's market positioning, providing solutions that increase sales.

Every Marketing Strategy requires complementing Public Relations activities in order to achieve the maximum possible market penetration and awareness in the feeder markets for hotels and restaurants.

We basically will take over the management of your property based on the management standards and procedures of our branded hotels, just without the branding, your hotel or resort, remains under its current name, but still profits from our expertise.

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