Out of this World Luxury

A group of independent luxury Hotels & Resorts rooted in the traditional Asian traditions of excellence and customer care.

Sobriquet establishes the true meaning of luxury while combining this with today’s conveniences of technology and the unique human touch in service of Sobriquet.

Being part of Sobriquet means creating a unique, authentic and luxurious property which excels in profitability, the characteristics owners' treasure most. As the world’s newest entry into the luxury hotel market, flexibility is key.

We offer management opportunities to selected properties and owners interested teaming up with us.

Download the Sobriquet Development brochureSuperior Value for Owners

  • Extended global reach compared to an “independent” property
  • Personalized and diverse support for each property and owner
  • A global infrastructure of systems to drive occupancy in a competitive environment
  • Conversion friendly standards with focus on quality not identity for existing properties.
  • Emphasis on exceptional and unique luxury designs
  • Each property is extraordinarily unique yet part of the group
  • The highest flexibility of management and group in the industry
  • The world’s only “money back guarantee” if the brand underperforms
  • The return of traditional luxury with the highest return on investment

Sobriquet Standards ...

Is what defines the foundation of Sobriquet and encompasses the values and philosophy by which we operate the brand.

A Sobriquet is the place where the convenience and comfort of our guests is the highest mission of all employees.

Sobriquet guarantees the finest in personal service and facilities for all guests so they can always experience a refined, luxurious, yet warm ambience.

A Sobriquet is to create the refuge of timeless elegance, extraordinary taste, and unrivaled care and courtesy that simply will not be found elsewhere.


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Development Team

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5-6 Middle Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kownloon
Hong Kong

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